User Value Research

Beneficial Outcomes are the tangible, real-world outcomes that your users are pursuing for themselves.

The User Value Research project is designed to:

  • Uncover the super-outcomes that your users are pursuing
  • Analyze which of those super-outcomes are most aligned with business results
  • Provide a strategy to better support the revenue-generating super-outcomes across your offering.

How it works

We get in touch with new customers to better understand their current situations, desired situations, and plans for how to get there.

Over the course of the of the project, you get:

  • 50 customer interviews (we reach out to new customers to set these up)
  • 50 situation explorers (we ask customers targeted questions about their situations)
  • A super-outcome analysis (we identify which outcome patterns create the most value for your business)
  • A super-outcome strategy (we provide recommendations for how to leverage revenue-generating super-outcomes for better growth)

Timelines, requirements, and costs

The project takes 3 months from start to finish and is priced at $30k.

Here's what we need:

  • An email ID at your company
  • A list of new customers created each week

We run the outreach process from end-to-end, sending out a brief but engaging email to new customers each week asking if they'd like to get on a call.

We usually reach out to between 500 and 1000 new customers in small batches to line up 50 interviews over 3 months.

Getting started

To apply, please contact us by emailingΒ growth@valuepaths.com.