A light switch is a user interface

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A light switch is a simple but powerful user interface.

If I become a user of a light switch, it's either because I probably want to make the room darker or because I want to make the room brighter. And depending on which direction I flip the switch, I will be changing the status of my situation.

If I'm ready to go to bed and I choose to interact with the switch, it's because, contextually speaking, the resulting state that I'm seeking is to have a darker room and go to sleep.

All user interfaces work in the same way. Every time someone interacts with software, it's in pursuit of a (positive) change in their circumstances. The better the software can reliably produce those changes or outcomes, the more effective it is.

Don't think of your product as an "object" that users buy access to. Think of it as a sequence of actions. Users are buying your preferable sequence of actions to an outcome they desire.