"I'm a fast learner a lot in this game:" The UX of effective Path Design

When Samuel's son was around 7 or 8, he saw Samuel playing a video game and was really curious about it.

Samuel, eager to encourage his curiosity, asked him if he wanted to try it out for himself. His son responded with an enthusiastic "yes."

Watching him play the game was like a mini-study in UX design. A bit of the way into playing, his son said, "I'm a fast learner a lot in this game." Samuel remembers thinking, "This. This is the goal of UX."

Here's another nuance that stood out to Samuel at the time: the path was designed so intuitively that his son believed he was responsible for progress. It was just that natural.

When good design works, it becomes an extension of the user's own thought process, they cease to even notice it.