Investor user research

"We're trying to help companies be better at the things that you want them to be better at, so we're researching what things you want them to be better at.”

Good resource:

I'm particularly interested in this:

“How do you value SaaS businesses?”


Hi Chad -

UserOnboard is conducting some research to better understand the perspective of forward-thinking investors circa 2022.

The core topics are pretty straightforward, like:

  • how do you currently value a SaaS company?
  • when are you most interested in investing in a company?
  • what kinds of things do you wish more CEOs understood?

We'd especially like to hear from people who invest in companies that we admire.

WhenIWork more than qualifies for that, so I'm wondering if you've worked with anyone whose point of view should be included here.

Does anyone come to mind?