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User Onboarding: The Start Of A Partnership

We see User Onboarding NOT as a feature tour, or a beginner tutorial, or sales research, but as the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership between business and user.

This typically covers a lot of ground — everything from UX and product design to marketing and business strategy — and we’ve spend close to two decades figuring out how to make it work. We’re pretty passionate about what we do.

CTA: Get some help with your onboarding


Meet The Team

We’re a small team. Fully remote. Bootstrapped. Powered by a desire to create a more cooperative internet. A broad vision, we know, but we’re trying to do our part.

<Image illustration> Samuel Hulick

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Feel like joining the cabal? Get in touch! We love to hear from new people.

Companies we’ve worked with

We particularly specialize in leveraging onboarding for better revenue growth and early retention.

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing our approach with some very cool companies from around the world. Here are a few that we’ve helped:


“UserOnboard provides invaluable, actionable insights for helping users get started in your app.” - Aarron Walter, VP of Design Education, Invision

"UserOnboard played a huge part in shaping our onboarding product roadmap. I highly recommend it!” - Craig Watson, previously Product Owner (Growth), Spotify

Hire us

We’d love to help you accelerate your early retention efforts. We primarily offer the following services, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a more specific project in mind.

The Onboarding Expert Review

We take a microscope to your onboarding experience and walk you through how to improve it with better onboarding UX patterns and techniques.

SaaS Growth Coaching

We coach you through applying our onboarding playbook to the first few MONTHS of the customer lifecycle, not just the first few sessions.

Let our expertise be your secret weapon

We’re spent a tremendous amount of time obsessing over how to turn onboarding into a growth lever. Let’s our knowledge be your personal fast-forward button to onboarding mastery.


Screen-by-screen breakdowns of first-time user experiences from around the web. With a few memes thrown in for good measure.

Onboarding UX Patterns

Zoom out and discover the best practices in onboarding UX.

The Elements of User Onboarding

The first (and still the best) introduction to the basic principles behind stellar onboarding.